• What happens if my kid is sick or away when I have a lunch ordered? 

All cancelled orders must be reported to us by phone by 8am the day of delivery (at the latest)! We unfortunately are unable to offer a refund for these, but are happy to offer a credit so you can choose a different day for delivery. For safety reasons, all meals not picked up at delivery will be returned to our kitchen for disposal. 

  • What if my kid doesn’t like their meal?

We understand that tastes differ! We would love to hear feedback on what they didn’t like about it so we can improve our menu over time, and make a suggestion on a different item

  • What if my kid has a unique allergy? 

We want to make sure everyone is included in our lunch program! Upon registering for our services, all students require an Allergy Information Form completed for us to keep on file. We use this information to triple-check that your child’s meal is safe and allergen free. 

  • How can we pay for meals?

We accept payment by cheque or credit card. For safety reasons, we do not accept mailed cash! Cheque payments can be mailed to our address, but must be sent at least 7 days before your scheduled delivery date. We accept credit card online through our ordering portal, or over the phone. Payment must be processed and approved before your ordered meal is confirmed! You will receive a confirmation email or complimentary phone call when your payment is accepted. Please contact us directly for additional details or follow our check-out guide on the ordering portal. 

  • I need help ordering! What do I do?

For your convenience, there is a step-by-step ordering guide available once you log in to our Ordering Portal. If you are still having difficulty, please give us a call to our Customer Service line and we will do our best to assist you. 

  • My child’s school is not listed as a participating school. What do I do?

Please fill out our contact form with your child’s school information and we will be happy to investigate for you! We regularly send out an information package to interested schools, and can schedule a meeting to discuss our program with your school’s administrator. 

  • Can your program be used for fundraising in our school?

Absolutely! As each fundraising goal is different, we will work with you to develop a unique program to assist in meeting your goals. Typically for fundraising at specific schools, we offer several items with a portion of sales to go towards your fundraising initiative. Give us a shout to get more details on this option. At least 1 week notice is required for a majority of fundraising projects. 

  • There are a few different lunch programs out there.. What makes Nikos Garden special?

Great question. First of all, thank you for considering Nikos Garden. Nikos Garden stands out from the crowd on several factors. Our menu is extensive and approved by one of the original founders of PPM150 legislation. We are focused on customer service, including everything from enhancing your child’s lunch experience with great meals, to making the ordering process as easy and quick as possible! We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and add value to our program. And lastly, we have the experience unlike any other. 

  • Where can I learn more about Nikos Garden? 

You are welcome to follow us on Facebook for regular postings about what we are up to in the kitchen, or check into our blog where we share recipes, nutritional information, and strategies to incorporate healthy eating at home.