Our Menus

Our Menus were built with your children in mind! We understand that today’s family is now busier than ever. Juggling planning, preparation, and cooking a healthy meals that your kid wants to eat is becoming a bigger challenge everyday. Lucky for you, we’ve developed several menus that will ultimately make school lunches a breeze, and you can rest assured knowing that your loved one had a nutritious, home-cooked meal that they actually enjoyed! 

To browse our menus, please log in to our Ordering Portal! You must first register an account. We need some information about your child, and we will also ask for the school’s lunch code that is sent out in your customized School booklet! If you have not received a school booklet, but see your school listed as a participating school, please head to our contact page to request a new copy that can be downloaded or mailed to your address to your convenience.

All of our menus are completely nut-free. 

We are happy to accommodate any additional allergies as best as possible, please let us know in advance and we can discuss options with you. 

We regularly provide options that are gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free to provide a wider range of meals to dietary restricted individuals. 

We offer vegetarian meals every single day. 

Our meals are designed to offer optimal nutrition while still maintaining their classic ‘yum’ factor that kids love. 

Our menus are big and we love offering lots of choices! We don’t believe your child should have to choose between the same few meals every day, so we alternate menus every month to accommodate new seasonal ingredients and keep menus fresh! 

“Nikos Garden’s menus were designed to keep lunches easy. Instead of spending an hour after work on the next day’s lunches, you can actually settle down to relax and easily plan your kid’s meals for the week. We give you peace of mind that the menus contain items specifically designed your child’s physical and mental development during this crucial learning age; all while remaining affordable and eco-friendly.” 

  • Nicole Tome, Nikos Garden TDSB Coordinator 

Our priority is your children. We understand some kids are pickier than others, and that’s okay! We encourage families to include their children in meal planning. Let your kid choose between our planned meals, or decide what sides to have with their main dish! This learning opportunity aids in decision-making tools, and ensures that your child actually eats and likes his or her meal! We provide detailed information on all of our menu options to assist in finding a good fit for your child, as well as full-colour pictures for our visual-minded children. If you have questions about a specific dish, do not hesitate to contact us! 

PPM150 Regulations

In 2010, the Ontario Government introduced the Policy/Progrem Memorandum No. 150 (aka PPM150) into all schools. This policy was created to establish a healthy school environment by setting standards for all food and beverages offered in the schools. 

“Research shows that “health and education success are intertwined: schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students are not healthy”2 and that “healthy eating patterns in childhood and adolescence promote optimal childhood health, growth, and intellectual development”.3” http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/extra/eng/ppm/150.html

Nikos Garden completely agrees and stands behind this research. Healthy eating goes hand-in-hand with healthy growth. 

The only problem is… healthy is often not associated with tasty! We are here to change that. All available nutritional facts for our menu items are posted clearly for our parents to view, but we tend to focus on create items that appeal to kids. All of our items are tested with a group of children of various ages and adjustments are made until each item is ‘Kid Approved’. 

Our comprehensive menu allows one-step ordering with our pre-made Complete Combos, flexibility for picky eaters with Creative Combos, and the option to order items on an individual basis. 

What is a Complete Combo?
A Complete Combo is a specialty designed complete meal. Parents can rest assured knowing that any of our Complete Combos follows the Canadian Food Guide’s recommendation for a complete meal, include 1 serving of Meat/Alternatives, 1 serving of Vegetables/Fruit and 1 serving of Grain. 

A complete meal guarantees a higher level of nutrition that ultimately leaves a lasting impressing on a student’s physical and mental health. We believe that a complete meal leaves students satisfied for longer, increases their ability to pay attention in the classroom, and promotes healthy development overall; a win-win-win for parents, students, and teachers. 

Our Complete Combos are offered on a daily basis, with a meat and vegetarian option. 

What are Creative Combos?
Creative Combos are for the children that prefer to have some options with their meals. Each combo includes an entree, side item and drink, with several choices and substitutions available to accommodate dietary restrictions or picky eaters! 

“We believe that establishing healthy habits at an early age sets students up for long-term success, and our menus support this goal.” – Nicole Tome 

If you have additional questions about our menus, please check out our FAQ page for more information on common asked questions, or give us a shout