Our Program

Nikos Garden is a family owned and operated business that serves delicious and nutritious meals to school children throughout the Toronto area. We make lunches easy for busy families, taking care of everything from preparing kid-approved menus, taking daily orders, making each meal from scratch, and delivering them to your child’s school! 

We are one of the few businesses approved by the Toronto District School Board as a safe and nutritious provider of meals to students across the Toronto District. 

For additional details on our menus, how we developed them, nutritional info, and more, please head over to our Menus page! 

Our program is customer-focused. We are only satisfied knowing that your child has enjoyed their meal, and we continue to look for new and innovative ideas to make planning and ordering lunch easier for parents. Staff at our participating schools can also jump in the fun by taking advantage of our adult portioned meals. 

Our delivery team consists of professionally trained staff that understand the importance of a nutritious meal in a child’s day. Dressed in our signature black tees and green aprons, each staff member has a photo id and name badge with our Nikos Garden logo to be easily identified by students and teachers. Meals are brought in hot, fresh, and ready-to-eat in our insulated containers. We provide all utensils and napkins for meals. 

“Protect our earth today for children’s tomorrow” 

Cultural Meals
Nikos Garden makes price in our society’s diversity, and celebrates cultural items on a regular basis. Rather than designate specific cultural days, we look to integrate cultural-identified its into our menu on a continual basis. We believe this encourages integration rather than segregation within schools, creating an accepting and welcoming atmosphere for children to eat what they want without the stigma of being ‘different’. It also provides the opportunity for children to try new dishes and ingredients in a casual setting. 

If you are interested in signing your child up for Niko’s Garden Lunch Program, please head over to our registration page (link). We need some information about your child, and we will also ask for the school’s lunch code that is sent out in your customized School booklet! If you have not received a school booklet, but see your school listed below, please head to our contact page to request a new copy that can be downloaded or mailed to your address to your convenience. 

Thank you! We look forward to cooking up a great meal for your little loved one!